Series or Season Finale?
The Raven and The Wolf
First it was the ending of an era when Highlander: The Series came to a close.  That was hard enough to deal with.  Then I hear that they are possibly making a spin-off.  I was wowwed and worried all at the same time.  Would it be some horrible reincarnation of such a fabulous thing.  Such as After MASH was to M*A*S*H?  I hoped not...

I'd hear possibilities of the characters Joe Dawson & Methos carrying the torch of the Highlander.  Then stronger than the others, rumors of Elizabeth Gracen bringing her character of Amanda.  While I was, again, torn between who I'd like to see more, I went with what was to be the new Highlander.  HIGHLANDER: The Raven it would be called.

Anxiously, I awaited the first episode of this new extension of the Highlander family tree.  I realized what a good choice The Power That Be had made.  While I'd like to see Methos with his own show...  Having him paired with Joe Dawson week after week seemed too much like the Odd Couple all over again.  The show was wonderful, and rather reminiscent of the blood drinking cousin, Forever Knight.
I will admit to Highlander and anyone else that there was a seeming slump in the show.  Plots that just seemed to repeat the last week.  Fights that always ended in Amanda showing more mercy than steel to her challengers.  But as a whole the episodes were good.  New colorful characters like Lucy, Myers, and Father Liam (who is a wonderful reminder of Darius, played by Werner Stoker, until his death).  Overall what could be better to keep the memory alive.  Amanda started kicking ass and taking names later.  The plot seemed to thicking with twists and turns that would make you dizzy.  If this was too be a sign that they wanted to go out with a *BANG* they were certainly pulling it off.

Alas, the tide started to shift.  Word came about that the plug was being pulled on the series in the states.  Would I need to start making arrangements to move to Europe just to maintain my one true reason why I pay my cable bill regularly?  A letter writing campaign was started.  My nights were spent at work writing letters when I could to the procuders of the show, other companies who had talked about picking it up.  My hand would ache from hand writing sincere messages to those who held the future of the show in their hands.

Who knows what the final word will be.  I have scanned the newsgroups, message boards, and fan sites looking for some sort of wonderful confirmation of that which I hope for.  As of yet... I have no word.  But there is a candle vigil being held in many areas and on many fan sites in order to save this show.  I encourage you to do the same.  Visit Rysher and Sci-Fi and let them know you want to see HIGHLANDER: The Raven continued.

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