'supposed' DEATH FAN CLUB
The Mysterious Floating Head of Richie Ryan

    First of all, a little explanation of this site if you are not familiar with the Highlander. Richie Ryan, played by Stan
Kirsch, in the season finale of the show was seemingly decapitated by his teacher, mentor, and friend Duncan
McLeod. How can this be? Hey... All us fans are asking the same question. Without giving away the main plot.. It
happens as a result of a thousand year old evil force. Like on all show the veiwers have their favorite characters. I'll
give you three seconds to guess who my favorite character is on Highlander.

    So I'm religiously watching the show and find that it ends in such a bizzarre manner. I happened to be near my
computer and HAD to find out if he was coming back or not for next season. I hit all the usual spots to find
information. Newsgroups, chatrooms, official fan sites... I must say that response to the show was overwhelming. I
found that even people who didn't like Richie Ryan was upset to see how he was supposedly killed. It was one of
those moments that you always remember. I began choking on my pop that I was drinking, and focused all my
attention on the 15 inch screen that was shoing me the possile future of Richie Ryan. Luckily I was taping the episode
and was able to witness what the writers would like me to believe is Richie's death. I had to pinch myself to wake up
from this nightmare.

    Now you may think me a fanatic. Watching the show so closely and then report it to the world via the internet almost
as immediately as it was show. Well think what you like... I do, and I choose to think that this was all some kind of
bad dream. You may remember how one whole season of the 80's television program 'Dallas' was all a dream. As
tacky as that was and for how upset it md ms of it's loyal viewers I am hoping for such an explanation.

    If anyone of the Official Highlander Executive Type sees this page.. please take note that Stan Kirsch's character has
too much of a loyal audience to see him 'offed' in such a manner. You have all summer to work out any negotiations
with writers, actors, producers, and whoever else, to keep Stan Kirsch in Highlander till the end of the series.

    Must I beg?

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    Do you have any comments? Concerns? Questions? Feel free to email me with them... Don't bother complaining to me though. I won't reposnd. Hopefully with enough response I will post some of the returns for all to see.


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