Monty Clark
    AGE: 29, 27 in actuality 
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6', 175.  Dark hair, dark eyes, very athletic. The all American boy. 
    PERSONALITY: Nieve, arrogant, determined, devilishly clever, and somewhat.....dangerous. 
    WEAPON: Currently an ancient broadsword taken from an Immortal kill of his.  The sword's orgins are unknown to him.  Although weapon is subject to change.  The broadsword is Monty's third weapon in two years. 
    OTHER: Monty loves the big city, the bright lights.  He has no family and very few friends who are not Immortal.  Monty loves the feeling of the quickening.  A fact he is ashamed of.

     Monty Clark is always learning, always growing.  He has rapidly blossomed into a force in the Immortal world.  For Monty, becoming Immortal was the only thing that saved him from a mundane existence.  He grew up in a normal family in Chicago.  Adopted, of course, but normal nonetheless.  It all came to a resounding end, however, when Monty's foster parents died in a fiery plane crash.  A moment in time that Monty has never spoken of and probably never will.  Clark grew up, went to college, and got a job at a computer firm downtown.  On one fateful night, walking home, Monty was killed by a gang of toughs in a random act of violence. 
     But Monty woke up. 
     Clark has had two teachers, formed a group of evil, destroyed that group, killed Immortals, lost battles, nearly lost his head on numerous occasions, lost his hand, and got his hand back.  But most of all, he has grown. 
     Clark's defining moment to this point in his Immortal life has to be his victory over Attakis, an ancient and powerful evil Immortal.  It was an unlikely and lucky win for Monty, but one that will always be remembered as a showing of both superior strength and incomparable will. 
     Monty is a young Immortal, but he's been through a lot.  And he's good. 
Only time will tell if he's good enough.

  • -Carl Kepper, Chicago, IL
  • -Rajhad Uthman, Milwaukee, WI
  • -Tarif O'Connel, Milwaukee, WI
  • -Gabe Winters, Milwaukee, WI
  • -Stefan Grueber, Milwaukee, WI
  • -Attakis, Milwaukee, WI
  • -Matt Carillo, Milwaukee, WI
Mitch O'Clarke

J.T. Banks