• AGE:  Conner was 20 years old when he 'died' for the first time.
  • PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  He is otherwise 24, 6'0" with short wavy blonde hair, green-blue eyes, average build.
  • PERSONALITY:  Conn is humorous, quick, talkative, curious... quite the thinker.
  • WEAPON:  He uses a Crusader sword with an ivy wrapped hilt and handle, with matching dagger.
  • OTHER:  He keep his immortality hidden from his family and friends, with the exception of a select few. He is eager to learn and ready for adventure. Conner is staying with Joseph Walen and going back to college.

The story Conner Durham, and his best friend Remington Defoe, is a short one, like that of a firecracker. The shimmering light in a pitch black... The thunderous ringing in you ears... That is Conner and Remy. The one way they differs? Their light does not dim like that of a firecracker... for Conner Durham and Remington Defoe cannot die. 
    Their break into immortality started like an often cliched mystery novel, dark, stormy, a lonely car ride home with his best friend. Their thoughts lingered of the day spent with friend. It had been two years since graduation 1992 and everyone had gone their own ways. The thing Conner looked forward to most was the annual get together of old friends. That was what that night had been for them. Another page in the continuing book about the lives of good friends. The last thing that either of them would have expected was that his book would have a sudden plot twist... A drunk driver, a rain soaked road, the flash of lights, and blaring of horns... Swerving was all that Conner could do to avoid a head on collision. On the other hand avoiding the fence post and sequential roadside ditch were not so easy. 
    On such a dreary night he remained there for quite sometime before a passing car noticed the skid marks and wreckage. It wasn't until a worrisome family got involved that he was found.
    Once in the hospital the staff marveled at their recovery. Stories spread through the ward about the young men who survived a car wreck and were now up and walking. Doctors examined and reexamined what should have been broken bones. Simply no explanation. At least no normal explanation.
    It wasn't until several weeks later that reasons for his survival became known. Piotr Alexi found Conner and Remy working in a local Italian restaurant in Seattle. A proceeding conversation and exhibition of Piotr Alexi's skills had the new Immortals convinced of their newly discovered lives. It wasn't until a close call with their teachers old nemesis, Geoffry Kairn, that they truly understood what it really meant. Although Conner & Remy escaped unscathed their first teacher was not so lucky. But that is a tale for another time.
    Conner now fights aside new friends... He knows the meaning of loss. He knows the feeling of victory. He knows that there can be only one. The final boom in a series human firecrackers... *PHAWOOOOOOOOM*

    I was born in suburb of Seattle, Washington in 1974 My time on this planet has been short. It would have been very short had it not been for a certain trip I took with my best friend Remington Defoe. We were coming home from visiting some high school friends in Portland. It was supposed to be a shortcut, but i turned into a meeting with a drunk driver and a car wreck that should've killed us. A wreck that actually 'did' kill us. Little did we know, when we awoke in the hospital that we had died, for the first time that is. It was several weeks afterwards that we discovered that Remington and I were immortal. We could only die by the taking of our heads.
    How can I describe myself since discovering my immortality? Fascinated. Exhilarated. Awestruck. How am I supposed to feel when I find out that something was thought impossible... is possible?
    I've come to accept what I am. The fact that I have had to learn to live and survive by fighting off those who seek to behead me, not an easy task. But my theory on life is... "Life is too serious, to take too seriously." That about sums it up. I'm laid back, mellow, the reluctant hero type. I fight only when I have to, and only for causes that I feel are just.
I plan to live life to the fullest. I was allowed to live longer than normal people for a reason. I fully intend to figure out why. I will travel the world over if I have to, in order to see all that there is to be seen.

 Conner Durham:
Q. So what was the first thing you thought when you found out you were immortal?

 A. I didn't realize what exactly had happened. I just thought I was lucky to be alive. I didn't know that I had died and then came back to life. Well, not exactly died. I mean I'm still here. It is cool though. I used to worry about not having enough time to do the things I want to do. Now I have a lot more time than anyone could ever imagine.

 Q. What kind of things do you want to do?

 A. Well, I don't know. Just whatever... I mean I want to see the world over. I want to visit all the places I learned about while growing up. I want to visit the pyramids in Egypt. I would like to see the Great Wall. I would like to be around when the first human lands on Mars. Live to see peace in our times. You get it.. the whole deal...

 Q. You seem more jovial about all of this. Whereas, Remington and your current Joseph Joseph Walen are serious about their own immortality. Why is that do you think?

 A. Remy has always been the better thinker. He seems to have everything under control. I think for him to act care-free would be to far out of character. He would know exactly what to do.
Joseph Walen on the other hand I can't say. I haven't know him for long. I can only imagine what he has seen and done. Being immortal probably is just such second nature to him that it bounces right off whenever he is reminded of it.

Q. What do you think of the swords and sword fighting?

 A. You mean... the heads and all. I donut think I will ever get used to it. How can you? You are taking someone else's life. It isn't even like in a war where the faces aren't always seen. You are there face to face fighting for you life. When you take a head there isn't anything that could compare. It is a unique feeling. I am so filled with adrenaline that it doesn't sink in right away. Then I notice the body. It hits me like a bolt. It... it... Ahem... I donut think I will ever get used to it.

  • -Adam Hunter, Seattle Washington
  • -Daniel Hudson, New Orleans Louisiana
  • -Jordan Trent, Negev desert Egypt
  • -Mikal Troya, Seattle Washington
  • -Jacques Bolivar, Ontario Canada
  • -Quincy McGovern, Seattle Washington
  • -Christian Micheal Balquier, London England
Cristofer Durham

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