Lieutenant(jg) Aleczander Cristov Mitchell

NAME of PLAYER: Cris Rodgers 
 NAME:    Aleczander Cristov Mitchell 
 CURRENT RANK: Lieutenant jg
 INTERESTED IN: Medicine & Counseling
  RACE: Human
  AGE:  29
  GENDER: Male
  HEIGHT: 6'2" / 2.02m
  WEIGHT: 210 lbs / 95.5kg
  HAIR:  Short cropped black hair
  EYES:  Dark Brown
  SCARS, MARKS, TATTOOS: a small sword tattoo on his right shoulder blade.
  PLACE OF BIRTH: St. Louis, Earth
  MOTHER: Helena Mitchell, History Professor
  FATHER: Timothy Mitchell, Chef/Restaurant Owner
  SIBLINGS: Ian Thomas Mitchell, older brother, Artist
              Katerina Louise Mitchell, younger sister, Chef
110701.1030 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy 
110714.2156 - Promoted to LTjg as CMO aboard USS THUNDERCHILD

Aleczander, or Alec to his friends, is the stand-out in his family.  He has never seen his family as unsuccessful, but they have always been very  aesthetically impressive with their skills.  Alec has
wanted more than a  quiet serene life.  His father couldn't understand Aleczander's decision to  leave Earth and travel help others in the galaxy.  His mother, the thinker,  could easily relate. 

"Aleczander is a wandering healer of the stars.  He has the same soft spoken nature as the rest of my children.  My Timothy
just can not realize helping others is his way of expression," his mother, Helena, would  tell friends and family.

Nothing brings a smile quicker to Aleczander's face than a fresh home cooked meal and a cold beverage to wash it down.  He has never been one for extravagance and easily accepts a basic meat and potatoes dish over the fanciest of feasts.

His non-denominational beliefs are one more point to which he disagrees with his father.  "Part of my journey to help is to find
myself," He would say to  his father.

His hearing wouldn't be consider superhuman, but it has allowed his to excel at music as well as language.  He has an obsession for music, playing trumpet and piano for very small groups on rare occasions.  His music is one of the few personal things he rarely shares from his open life  book.

"Sometimes I would hear Alec playing his trumpet in the attic.  I don't think he knew we could hear.  I'm not sure he even wanted us to know or he wouldn't have boxed himself in the attic just to play," says Ian.

Aleczander is proficient in many languages and has the ability to pick up new tongues very quickly.  He credits it to his eidetic ear, meaning his  ability to hear something once and have it virtually committed to memory.  He speaks his 'family tongue' of Russian, as well as basic Federation languages, such as Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan and the like.

Mitchell stays active by playing tennis with both live and holographic opponents.  He also uses the holodecks to recreate Medieval battles from Earth's ancient past.

Aleczander is a well mannered individual.  He is a person that knows how to talk and has a great 'bedside' manner with people.  He also looks for best inside people.  His sense of humor is not very well tuned.  He is often the last to get the joke despite his efforts to understand.  With a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve he is always looking out for others, and sometimes forgets to look out for himself in the process...  something that he struggles with.

"I always could count on Alec to play big brother," Katerina says.

PHOBIAS:  Alec has a fear of water.  He had never learned to swim and is not fond of being in or, sometimes even, near any large body of water.  While on vacation, when Aleczander was eight years old, he fell into a lake The Mitchell's had been staying by.  Unaware what had happened, Alec was submerged for a extraordinary amount of time.  He was rescued by Ian, his older brother. 

PERSONAL AFFIRMATION:  "Play like you are the only one in the game."