...The Collection...
...An Immortal Saga...
The Quest To Be the One 
-by C. Scott Rodgers
(In the works)
Conner Durham recounts the story of how he discovered his immortality. Along with his Immortal friend, Remington Defoe, they learn 'The Game' and it's rules from new found teacher, Piotr Alexi. It's not a holiday as they are pursued by the head hungry Geoffrey Cairn.

Two of a Kind
- by C. Scott Rodgers
After the death of a close friend, Joseph Walen takes on the dual duty of training two new Immortals.  Conner & Remy learn the hard way what it is like being Immortal.

Ordeal of the Three
- by C. Scott Rodgers & Jeremy Dick
When Conner's lover is kidnapped by people, unknown to Conner and his friends as renegade Watchers, it is up to him to rescue her.  Nothing like getting by with a little help from your friends.

For the Love of Life  
- by C. Scott Rodgers
(In the works)
After a series of events that lead to Conner's depression, he wonders if he is cut out to be fighting anymore. It takes the intervention from a long time friend to get Conner to make his desicion. Will Conner be ablet o make the right one?

- by Rodgers, Cooper, Clark, & Kerrin
A reunion of Conner with his friend Luke Masters turns into a mission to save the daughter Luke always wanted, but could never have.  But whose life will need saving by the end.

- by C. Scott Rodgers
(In the works)
While on a business trip Joseph Walen finds himself being hunted by a former student, Mikal Troya. Troya's quest for power could easily mean the ultimate loss for Walen. Also... It's the turning point in the relationship for Remy and Samantha. What does Immortal do to a couple?

Author's Notes
- by C. Scott Rodgers
Ever wonder the motives behind a character, choice or setting, or story idea? Here's my explaination.
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...The Masters Chronicles...

-by J. Cooper