Author's Notes

Many times I will read a book or see an article about what inspired an author to write something the way he or she did.  I enjoy the little quirks and curiosities that caused someone to create a setting or characters in the fashion they did.  How did Agatha Christie come up with her ideas?  Why does Stephen King have a fascination with Maine?  What was going on in Shakespeares life that caused him to write Romeo & Juliet?

So in the event that someone has the same desire to know like I do...  I write this.

We will start at the beginning.  I have always had a thrill for The Highlander ever since catching the final fight scene on random Saturday afternoon.  Then to find out it was a regular series just was to much of a great thing.  

It wasn't until several years later, while in college, that I took a course that just didn't hold my attention.  I made the mistake of sitting by the window during the Spring semester class.  As the weather got nicer, my mind wandered from the Elements of Mathematics to The Highlander.  What kinda other people would I like to see on the show.  I wrote down a few character ideas.  I started out by basing the main characters on myself and my best friend.  If I could live the adventurous life, what would I do?  So Conner Durham and Remington Defoe became our literery alter-egos.  

The names were choosen with care.  Durham was the name of a superhero in a short lived comic book idea Mike and I had.  Conner had been a favorite name of mine for years.  Remington was someone similarlly choosen.  Mike had a like fo the X-Men superhero, Gambit (also known as Remy Lebue).  Then I had read somewhere that the meaning of the name Defoe meant 'noble'.  I had envisioned Remy as noble and so he was named.

The names of Joseph Walen was choosen because of my like for the band Stone Temple Pilots.  The lead singer, Scott Weiland, was a favorite of mine.  I modified the last name and went from there.

Angelic Munroe is also a combination of things.  During the time I first started writing this... I had a wild crush on a person named Angelique.  I even based her looks her ficticious conterpart.  The last name is from my favorite X-Men character Storm (also known as Ororo Munroe).

Geoffrey Kairn is a jab at my father.  Being the antagonist of the story allowed me to vent some feelings about my estranged father, named Jeff.  Call me passive-aggressive, but it works for me.

Most of the other characters were choosen at random from names I found that seemed to flow.  I check all sorts of places... Phone books, movie credits, TV credits... whatever was on.  

The other major significant name was that of the bar that was mentioned in Two Of A Kind.  The Oasis is the namesake of the band Oasis.  They sang one of my favorite songs, Live Forever.  Which I also consider to be the theme song for An Immortal Saga if there was to ever be a soundtrack.

I like to 'live' through my work.  If there is something that I would liek to do but never could for whateverreason.  You can be sure that Conner, Remy, and friends will be attempting it in a story somewhere along the line.

Thanks for taking interest and reading.  Keep in touch

C. Scott Rodgers