I suppose every healthy obsession has to start somewhere, somehow. It started out as simple fascination with a little movie called The Highlander. The movie was almost all over. The only part that I caught was the final fight scene. What a scene!! "This looks cool," I thought. I was glued.

     Now, fast forward this a few years, I'm on my own now and I made friends with someone who had the same love of swords and Highlander that I did. "Wanna take a fencing class?" he asked... "Sure! Why not... I think it'd be fun."  While I was unsure of my skill, I was sure of my enjoyment. 

     From the first class I was hooked! It was a blast.  Something about holding a weapon that people have used over hundreds of years was thrilling. The idea of fencing in generally was as close to a wish fulfillment as I could think of to Highlander.

     So throughout the class there has been the social involvement. I was getting out and doing something that I enjoy and meeting others who do the same. But also there was the competitions. I am more for the fun of all, but it sure is nice to get recognition for a persons abilities once in a while.

United States Fencing Association
  The Official Site
Musketeers Fencing Club
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The Fencing Net
  A source for competition results, infomation and training tips
FenFool's Fencing Page
  Schedules, links, and other fencing-type stuff, including a 
  master list of colleges with teams or clubs
Triplette Competition Arms
  A place for fencing equipment
Blade Fencing
  A place for fencing equipment 

How did I do at the Cornhusker State Games?  Find out!

3rd - Quality Living Team Tournament
19th - Cornhusker State Games
3rd - Musketeer Fencing 3-Man Tournament

September 1st - Theatre Exhibition